No Time For Porridge

On a freezing morning a few years ago, all rushing off to school or work or uni, we came up with this family saying.  At first, it was a mere statement of fact but, after a while, it developed into a metaphor for anything for which we had no time (we also contemplated the use of the name  for a British sitcom but I think that’s already been done).

  1. Great website gals. Witty and fun. Love the title and the story behind it.

  2. A well designed website with practical, easy to read, affordable and yummy sounding recipes!
    Love the photos too!

  3. one of the best recipe sites I’ve seen, the research is always interesting,the inclusion of family likes and dislikes adds a homely touch to it and the photography finishes it of. When does the book come out?? Granma would be so proud of you . Janice x

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